When we moved to Crete from Athens, and built "Creta Blue", never came into our mind that I could cook here. The first years, the bar offered only drinks and snacks. We had two gas burners in the small kitchen in order to cook for the family, as we spend all day there. But, guests started questioning about the nice smells coming out of the kitchen, and that gave Helen the inspiration, that maybe she could do something more for them like have a special dish of the day, since she was cooking for the family anyway.

This, in the following years, grew into today’s small restaurant, where Helen is the cook of course and the organizer. She always buys everything herself, like she always did for the family, she never orders for example, fruits and vegetables as most restaurants do, she has to go and hand pick them herself. She always buys meat and poultry and certain fish fresh, and this is also my job as I have to check their freshness and quality. She says: I never cook big quantities, maximum for twenty five to thirty persons. I do not believe cooking big quantities (like they do in the all inclusive hotels) can give you quality, and I still have the feeling that I cook for family and friends and not for paying guests, that is why sometimes when you ask me for the bill, I pass you over to George. It is still a strange feeling for me to get paid for food I cook, since my family never does!!!!! and I have not been used to that yet, and maybe never will, as I cook with love and the greatest joy for me is seeing that you really enjoyed your dish.

I think that cooking for me will always be a creative art and a great joy of giving.