When I was growing up cooking was my grandmother's job and later my mother's. I never thought about it, but I now understand that I grew up in a home with two of the best cooks I'll ever meet.

When I got married, if we ate at home, I usually 'cooked' a toast or an omelet, otherwise my mother brought the food or we ate at her house.
One day I decided that I would like to invite friends for dinner at my house!!! I also wanted to cook something myself, without any help from my mother and I started doing different dishes, from recipes given to me by friends and of course family. You see, I never liked cook books, I always had the feeling, and I still do, that there is always something missing from them, and the dish never comes out as you imagine. So, I started doing my own thing, and many years later, my friends joking started telling me that every time I invited them for dinner, they always knew what will be on the table, as I used to cook almost the same things every time.

And then came into my life a new friend, Gigi, who was such a fantastic cook, being a chef in Sydney and a Greek who was born in Australia, who brought into my life a new world, new words and a great love for cooking for loved ones. He used to come to my house in Athens, and my kitchen became alive with his loud voice and his pots cooking all those fantastic recipes, that I fell in love not with him!! but with cooking. I became his helper on those weekends of cooking, and through him I understood that you do not cook in order to make something to eat out of necessity, but you cook for the love of seeing your friends enjoy the food you make.I started to cook, and the more I did, the more I understood that cooking is a form of art and great joy. I never went to any school, I do not think you need schools to be good at this, our mothers and grandmothers, never did and they are the best cooks ever. All you need is love for what you do and imagination.

“Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love”